November 29, 2010

Ideal Client

Last week I was at a ‘meet up’ of small business owners. It is a monthly get together to have a cup of coffee and a general discussion about business, and meet some new faces.

There was some discussion about selling and your ideal client. One comment was just make the sale, sell to everyone, any sale is a good sale, so long as you are making sales…

It raised a question for me; Who are our clients, and more importantly, who are our ideal clients?

Just getting clients for the sake of selling your products can and will damage your brand… especially if you are in a niche or specialised market. A client that is not a good fit for your business will be the one that cause 80% of your problems, wastes your time, complains that it is too expensive, and generally distracts you from doing what you should be doing which is marketing your business to your ideal target market.

Conversely, 20% of your clients generate 80% of your income. The idea is to get more of those types of clients. If you doubled the number of top 20% type clients then you would almost certainly double your profit.

One way may be to profile your top 20% of clients to give you a better picture of who they are. You may also want to ask them what they appreciate about your product / service and how you can improve your service. Then offer those specific innovations.

An even more effective strategy is to set up a referral system that rewards them for bringing more clients like them. The key point is to be really clear about the type of clients you are looking for.

Positioning your brand, creating the right perception in the market place effectively targeting your ideal clients is far more productive and beneficial in the long run.

“Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective

than interrupting strangers who don’t.” - Seth Godin

If you position your brand with the understanding that people don’t buy your product but what your product will do for them, you will be far more likely to attract your ideal client. Zig Ziegler once said; “people don’t buy drills they buy holes.”

Who are these people that actually want to hear from you? How can we find clients that love what we do? We love what we do because we are passionate about it… So it stands to reason that our ideal client will more than likely be a lot like us.

People buy form those they know, like and trust, like minded people. The aim is to appeal to and attract the people that believe what you believe.

If you communicate your passion, and why you do what you do, you will attract those like minded people who are your ideal clients.

Image: John Jaspers Target, 1974

November 26, 2010

"The moment one definitely commits oneself, the Providence moves too.
All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred ...
unforeseen incidents, meetings, and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed
would have come his way."

Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe

November 23, 2010


Focus: Close or narrow attention; concentration

Knowing what you are good at is a wonderful and empowering thing ... you do not have to be the best at everything, no really you don't!

By focusing your attention and channeling your energy into the areas that you love working in/on and that you are good at will assist you in growing your business.

Focus is a great way to really hone in on your goals and objectives, it also allows you to start putting the foundations in place to outsource the other tasks and creating systems for your business.

"Maintaining focus is essential for success.
Understand your circle of competence, the one
thing you're good at, and put your time and energy there"

Bill Gates

Image: Focus Photographer; unknown via flickr

November 20, 2010

Authentic Marketing (And Success) Require You to Look Within

An article from Fabienne Fredrickson:

Authentic Marketing (And Success) Require you to look within!

Let's face it: being self-employed, our businesses are fundamentally a reflection of every part of us. It's not like working for a corporation where you don't really control the outcome of the business unless you're at the top. Who you and I "are" as people literally affects our businesses, every day, every minute, every second, with every breath.

Knowing that the "inner" is directly reflected in the "outer," it's especially so for those working solo. If there's turmoil or disconnection within you as a person, it will be reflected in your business. If there's purpose, acceptance, and alignment, things come to you without struggle.

For me personally, this past year has been a year of reflection and re-gearing for the next level of my business, almost an incubation phase. I've come to the realization that I needed to stop listening to so many OTHER people's opinions of the next journey for my business and needed to look inside. And that included seeing what's authentic, what my purpose is, and what I'm here to do with my clients. It's been about healing the past GUNK that's often stopped me and about strengthening WHO I am as a person, to then best fulfill what I'm here to do (and create an even more delicious business doing it).

Years ago, I thought that attracting clients was 100% about fancy marketing.I was wrong. The longer I am in business and the longer I work on my own spiritual and personal growth, the more I've gotten clear that attracting clients and having the business of your dreams is actually more a 3-slice pie. Sure, Marketing is one of those slices, and a very important one (hey, you've got to take ACTION to attract clients. No excuses).

But, the other two slices of the pie are not always talked about openly.Honestly, I haven't always talked about them in public either, for fear of sounding a little too "Woo Woo", if you know what I mean. Most times I would just hint at them, hoping people would read between the lines and get the point. However, I'd be cheating you if I didn't tell you more about those two other slices to Client Attraction success, because they're so important.

If marketing is one slice of the pie, Manifesting is another. And by manifesting, I mean the Law of Attraction, what you focus on with great feeling, you attract into your existence. At its most basic, here's how it can be described: If you're continually focusing on having a full practice of yummy clients who pay you what you're worth, then you will start to attract that. If you're focusing rather on the LACK of clients and you're ticked off that people aren't paying you what you're worth, then you will attract that also (meaning, not having those clients or not making enough). Simple, yet very powerful.

But, the other slice of the pie that rarely gets airtime is the Personal Growth slice: Clearing out the cobwebs. I'm talking about not worrying what people think as much and being willing to look within to either heal or change the things about you that stop you from being the successful person you were meant to be. It's about being authentic and taking a really hard look at all the baggage and the unfounded fears you've carried around since childhood (trust me, I have them too) and doing something about it.

So, what are we searching for when we go within?

Fears, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and other unresolved stuff like shame and resentments. The reason it's so important to look within is that if that stuff is still lingering in your system, you have a more difficult time "manifesting" what you say you want. The fears and other unresolved stuff get in the way of you attracting what you wish for and essentially negate and cancel your wishes. OUCH.

Now, I am not saying you have to run out and see a shrink. That hasn't been the fastest path to growth for me personally. Rather, it's about being honest with yourself, really honest, about who you are. And getting to KNOW who you are. Calling out your fears, putting them down on paper. It's about writing down the things you say to yourself that stop you in your tracks. The more you get clear on this stuff, the more direct your impact on Client Attraction and having the business you really, really want.

It's about being authentic with yourself, in life, in business, and in your marketing. The more authentic you are in your marketing, the more Client Attractive you become. Whether you call it Spiritual Marketing or Authentic Marketing, it's super important, because if you don't do anything about it, you'll continue to get the same results you're getting now. Now for some, that's fine, but I'll bet that you're not willing to be living the exact same life 30 years from now, let alone 5 years from now. You probably want an even better situation and you want your wishes granted sooner than later.

Now, you could choose not to do anything about it and choose not to look inside. That's what I did for a long time. I was really good at avoidance and denial. But what I've found happens if you ignore the "growth" slice is that you keep struggling on some levels, wondering why things you want aren't coming to you faster. It can all seem to be an uphill battle and it can become really frustrating, making you want to throw in the towel and give up your business.

Well, when I started doing personal growth and becoming more authentic many years ago, the struggle started fading away and EASE started showing up. And the more I look at my long-ingrained fears and work on the other gunk that's previously slowed the next level of success I've imagined, the more that success shows up for me.

It's a process I continue ruthlessly, and help my clients with as well. Yeah, we talk about SERIOUS marketing, but this stuff too, because it all works. And it certainly pays off, in more ways than one. Sure, lots of clients and greater 1ncome are the payoffs, but you also get freedom, joy, and ease as a byproduct. That's the real payday, if you ask me.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Begin by making the decision to look within and be honest about what you find. If you resist it, it will persist. Make a list of the fears and limiting beliefs, the old junk you've avoided or that keeps coming up and clogging the pipeline to the success you so dearly want. Be willing to take the same no-excuses approach we talk about with Client Attraction Marketing, and apply it to this as well. It takes a little courage at first, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. I know you can do it and the results will astound you. I promise.

More about Fabienne:

Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Mentor, is founder of the Client Attraction SystemTM , the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract more clients, in record time...guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. Audio CD by mail and receive her weekly marketing & success mindset articles on attracting more high-paying clients and dramatically increasing your in.come, visit

November 18, 2010

Wise Words ....

Such wonderfully wise words ....

"To know and understand" why you do what you do ....

The cornerstone and foundation ....

I believe that these powerful words are for all who wish to achieve their dreams and goals!

There is nothing you can't achieve if you know what you want!

Thank you Kevin Spacey.

November 16, 2010

To have succeeded

To laugh often and love much;
To win the respect of intelligent people
And the affection of children;
To earn the approbation of honest critics
And endure the betrayal of false friends;
To appreciate beauty;
To find the best in others;
To give one's self;
To leave the world a little better,
Whether by a healthy child,
A garden patch,
Or a redeemed social condition;
To have played and laughed with enthusiasm
And sung with exultation;
To know even one life has breathed easier
Because you have lived ...
This is to have succeeded

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Image: Wild Geranium Photographer: Evgeni Diney

November 15, 2010

The Powerful Little Word "No"

This guest post is by Alycia Edgar

That powerful little word “no”, so hard to say but oh so effective. If you’re a parent, you’ll know that it’s often the most common word that you use, as you attempt to teach your children the boundariesof life. This little word can be difficult, as we love our children and want to provide for them. As they slowly become adults, a new respect develops for this tiny word and how difficult it can be to say out loud when needed.

Although saying “no” to others can be a difficult task for some of us, the most difficult person to say “no” to is yourself. This is otherwise known as self discipline. We’ve all been there. Some are more effective at self discipline than others, or more disciplined in some areas of our lives than others.

Saying “no” to family and friends

Let’s look at this in the context of your business. You’re working away at your office (for some this is a home office). The phone rings and you see that it’s a family member or friend and you feel obliged to answer. There could be a dire emergency after all! Thank goodness there isn’t, however your Auntie keeps you on the phone for 30 minutes. After all you can’t say “no” to her, can you? However, that’s 30 mins of your precious work time gone forever. You might think I sound harsh but here’s the reality, that 30 minutes can NEVER be recovered for work time, no matter which way you look at it. Sure it was nice to catch up with your Auntie, but you can do that after your work hours!

Unless you set boundaries for your family and friends, they will continue to interrupt you during work hours. Kindly and politely explain to your family member or friend that you’re working and would like to speak to them another time. Let them know that they can call during business hours if it’s an emergencyof course, but not for general chit chat. The more you do this, the more you train your family and friends to ONLY ring when it is an emergency.

Saying “no” to yourself

I used to think I could “latte” my way to success i.e. spending time having lattes with people! Sure, it was useful and generated many contacts and resources but there was a point where it was becoming more of asocial habit rather than productive time. I love working in cafes but I’m now more aware of when I’m using a latté as an excuse to “fluff around” rather than be productive. I still meet up with friends for coffee but only at set times during the week where it can fit into my schedule. And I’m not always able to make it, sometimes other commitments are necessary. But I include these times in my work week to allow me to switch off for a while and recharge the batteries. Say “no” to impromptu coffee invites when it’s not practical for your day, regardless of how much fun it would be. Instead, schedule in a coffee date with someone each week to allow you to recharge.

Say “no” to fluffing around on social media or surfing the internet aimlessly too! Don’t tell me it’s research as you and I both know that would be stretching the truth. Do I spend time on social media and surfing the Internet? Absolutely! But I structure it into my day; I don’t waste time that I could be using to work on exciting opportunities for my business. I surf the internet often at night (I’m a morning person) when my brain is not able to process the complexities of my business but able to consume information and learn.

The success of your business depends on you. Do you have the self discipline to say “no” to all the time wasters in your life including yourself? Self discipline allows you to focus, focus creates momentum and momentum helps fuel success in your business. What will you say “no” to today?

More about Alycia:

As an accountant and former surf shop owner Alycia understands the issues that small business face everyday. She believes you can work on your business effectively simply by understanding your business numbers. She creates innovative systems and processes that enable business owners to be highly focused and productive in their business, including Bookzkeeper - The Accounting Survival Kit for Small Business. To get tips on how your numbers and systems relate to working on your business, simply visit here

November 11, 2010

Jack Johnson - You And Your Heart

Have a great workshop going and this is our theme song...

We are aligning our heads with our hearts to build our brands from the inside out!


November 10, 2010


Whilst working with my workshop group, we have been discussing "Awareness" and how we may become better aware of the possibilities and opportunities surrounding us.

We have been looking at this from the perspective of changing our habits, allowing ourselves to be better in tune with our goals and using it to break free of the Excuses that hold us back from achieving our dreams and goals.

For some in the group, the word "victim" came up quite regularly along with the words "I am not good enough" or "I don't deserve this".

We were discussing the way our mind plays tricks on us and the times you allow yourself to talk your way out of reaching your full potential, whether that be business related or on a personal level. I have done this many many times... the good things start to gain momentum and then bang! you hit a wall .... a barrier that you have placed right up against yourself to stop yourself moving ahead.... why?

A habit, a reaction, a mixture of feelings that come back to play havoc with our minds and a way to keep us 'safely' within our comfort zones... I mean hey, do you want to step out of your comfort zone?!

Together we have been working through some tips, advice, suggestions teamed with some affirmations that are helping each member of the group move through this barrier and allow their awareness to flourish.

Dr Wayne Dyer has a few more helpful suggestions for Implementing an Awareness of Awareness*:

  • Develop a mind-set that stays open to all possibilities ~ all things are possible, and that leaves nothing out.
  • Practice using awareness at your own pace, in your own way, in circumstances that crop up throughout your daily life.
  • Repetition; repeat your affirmation/s over and over and let go of your old thinking
For me, one of the key statements that I have found to be effective is: "When you feel compelled to use an excuse, become aware that you no longer need to. Simply become aware of this new awareness" ~ via Dr Wayne Dyer

* Reference: Dr Wayne W Dyer; Excuses Begone! The First Principle: Awareness
Image: Bench Thinking, photographer unknow