March 21, 2011

Setting a task

"How often, even before we began, have we declared a task "impossible"?
And how often have we construed a picture of ourselves as being inadequate? ...
A great deal depends upon the thought patterns we choose and on the persistence with which we affirm them"

~ Piero Ferrucci 

There is so much more to things than just 'setting the tasks' and sometimes we tend to get lost or sidetracked by our constantly growing 'to-do lists' .... simplify things!

Break your tasks down to small doable steps and align each task with an action.

Each action you take is a step in achievement!

March 15, 2011

Trust Yourself ...

One of our recent sessions was all about Trusting in yourself and surrounding yourself with like minded people who support, encourage and respect you.  

Trusting yourself can be the hardest step sometimes, as we allow fear to side track us from our purpose and sometimes we even talk ourselves out of our dreams. 

Follow your instinct and believe in you!

This is a great article that was shared by John Assaraf.


"We've all had challenging situations that leave us feeling tired or discouraged. Here is something neat to ponder during those times. Take a look at this report and reflect on this man's record of failure. It is a testament to how humans can learn, grow, and win despite the losses and defeats. 

Failed in business--------------1831 
Defeated for legislature---------1832 
Failed in business again---------1833 
Elected to legislature-----------1834 
Sweetheart died---------------1835 
Nervous breakdown-------------1836 
Defeated for speaker-----------1838 
Defeated for land officer---------1843 
Defeated for congress-----------1843 
Elected to congress-------------1846 
Defeated for re-election---------1848 
Defeated for senate-------------1855 
Defeated for vice president-------1856 
Defeated for senate-------------1858 
Elected President---------------1860 

Who was this person? Abraham Lincoln. 

He picked himself up no matter what and kept on going after his dream. He educated himself and did whatever it took to keep moving in the direction of his passions. 

If you reflect back on your life, you can find patterns of the times you grew the most. Many of those times were probably a result of some kind of previous 'failure,' maybe even a series of them. Each failure is a learning experience. 

With this in mind, choose the one thing that may not be going exactly as you wish right now and do one thing to move you closer to achieving the result you want. And remember, life is about learning and growing."

Source:  John Assaraf

March 14, 2011

Energy Flows and Dreams are real

"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy,
A quickening, that is translated through you 
into action, 
and because there is only one of you in all time,
this expression is unique"

Martha Graham

This last week has seen an amazing flow of creativity energy and the flow on effect has shifted this energy into actions that have resulted in milestones being achieved and dreams becoming a reality.

To follow your heart, to live your dreams, to focus your attention on your reaching them, is a beautiful thing!

To stand on the side lines and watch has been a privilege and we are so grateful to have had this opportunity.

Shine your light on all you meet and enjoy this moment ~ you deserve it!

March 10, 2011

Take the leap... even a small one!

Should I dream?  Should I take the step?  Can I do this?  Am I ready to make this move?  Do I really want this? ...

Great questions?  maybe ... Helpful questions?  Not really!

Maybe ask yourself: Am I using these questions as an excuse to talk myself out of doing what you love?  Most answer Yes.

If you take the time to work through your dreams, understand your goals and break these down into small, achievable steps .... yes you can do it!

Being realistic is just one step in the process, and yes it is a process.  First you have to understand who you are, what you are about and how that translates to your business.  Ask yourself:  Are these things in alignment?  Do they make sense to me?  Do I understand how it all fits together?  Am I able to explain this to my clients?

Think big picture - definitely put it all out there so that you can see it, understand and know what it's all about.  Then work backwards and put the steps in place, follow these steps to move in the direction of your goals and dreams.  Ask for help when you feel it ... and you will feel it .... trust in your gut!

If you believe in you and surround yourself with like minded people who encourage and support you ... you can take that leap.... it might be a baby leap at first however it is still a leap ... a confident leap in the direction of your dreams.

Move past your fears .... they are blocking you and cloud the way you see things.... fear also leads to procrastination and we all know it's so much easier to sit in your comfort zone than to push past it.

Dream a little dream for you, trust in yourself and then act on it ... The net will be there to catch you if you need it!

March 2, 2011

Article: Small business & the Web

Our team has been involved in many a discussion lately regarding the use of social media platforms. 

The effectiveness of them, how to work with the various mediums and the importance of really taking advantage of using your website, blog and other platforms in social media.  

This article is a great read and covers the importance of being present and updating your platforms regularly.

Many thanks to Wendy Moore for sharing this article.