December 1, 2011

Working through our fears

"We cannot escape fear. 
We can only transform it into a companion that 
accompanies us on all our exciting adventures ...
Take a risk today, one small or bold stroke 
that will make you feel great once you have done it"

~ Susan Jeffers 

Fear is probably the biggest hurdle that comes up during a session or discussions with clients.  Fear on so many differing levels from the personal pressure we put ourselves under to be successful, make others proud of us, do what is 'expected' of us through to the fears we have for our business.

Most of us make our decisions based on what we think will keep everyone else happy and not necessarily what is going to the best for us or our business.  We worry constantly about what others think of us, how others will see us, talk about us and a hundred other 'fears' based on society's take on your decision.

When really it comes down to you and what you want for your business

A question that was posed during a recent conversation with a client lead to a very interesting path of discovery for them.... the question?   

"If you could do anything in the world at all without fear of judgement, what would you do?"