January 19, 2012

How do you want this year to be different?

Make a quick list of the top 3 things you want to be different this year.

It mat be your income, profit, people, clients, your team, family, or your health... 

Most people make new years resolutions. The trouble is they almost never stick to their resolutions or achieve the goal.

To be successful, the first step is to write down your goals.

The things that you want to be different this year; and the things that you want to achieve.  

Resolutions are not goals. Most “New Years Resolutions” are just ideas. 

How will you know if you achieve the goal or not?  How will you know if you get to celebrate that goal and feel good about the effort you have put in? 

Getting fit, making more money and being happy are NOT decisions or goals, they are ideas. You can't measure the success of these.

A measurable goal is:   I will loose 10kg by 20th March, I will run 5km in under 20mins. My gross profit will be a minimum of 40% by June 30, 2012. I will have 10 new clients by April 5th 2012.

This is also why YOUR goal needs to be REALISTIC and ACHIEVABLE – so you can achieve it in the time frame you set. 

It is so important to understand and experience the feelings you have when you've achieved your goal, and by having a realistic set of goals that have an achievable time frame it will assist you in reaching them, growing as a person, growing your business and making 2012 all about you.

I believe that to be successful, or in other words to achieve your goals, you need 3 things: 


• A goal not written down is only a wish

• An idea not implemented is only a thought  

• Accountability takes implementing your goals to another level


Our challenge for you today is:

  1. Write down your top 3 goals.
  2. Start implementing and taking action (even if you only pick 1 project)
  3. Make yourself accountable to 1 person.

Then, in 2 weeks time, Let them know how you have taken 1 step towards your bigger future.

Take Action with the 48 Hour Rule ~ 
This means going from an IDEA to DOING in 48 hrs - you know the "Get it done!" part

Yes, it's time to take charge and take back control. 

Take the Challenge and make 2012 your best year ever

Here's to your Success!

PS: Someone once said;  "the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire is that a billionaire reads their goals twice a day."

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